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Where can Asbestos be Found in a Domestic Property?

(1). Asbestos Cement or AIB* Fascia Panels/Boards.

(2). Asbestos Cement Tiles.

(3). Asbestos Cement Water Tank.

(4). Asbestos Cement Pipes & Pipe Lagging.

(5). Asbestos Loose Fill Insulation.

(6). Asbestos Cement Guttering.

(7). Asbestos Cement Downpipe.

(8). Asbestos Toilet Cistern & Toilet Seat.

(9). Asbestos Artex/Textured Coating.

(10). Asbestos AIB*/Cement Soffit Boards.

(11). Asbestos Boiler (Textile Rope Gaskets, Flue Pipe).

(12). Asbestos AIB* Panelling.

(13). Asbestos Vinyl Floor Tiles.

(14). Asbestos Bitumen Acoustic Sink Pad.

(15). Asbestos Cement Board.

(16). Asbestos Damp Proof Course.

(17). Asbestos Cement Panel (fire place).

(18). Asbestos Cement Flue Pipe.

(19). Asbestos Corrugated Cement Roof Sheets.

(20). Asbestos Textile Window Rope Seal.

(21). Asbestos Cement Sheet.

(22). Asbestos Under-Stair AIB*/Cement Panels.

(23). Asbestos Cement Bath Panel.

(24). AIB* Boxing.

(25). AIB* Door Panel.

(26). Asbestos Bitumen Under-Sarking Felt.

This list is not exhaustive and is for illustration purposes only.

AIB* = Asbestos Insulating Board.

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