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Where can Asbestos be found in a Commercial Building.

-1). Asbestos cement water tank.

-2). AIB Door Panel.

-3). Asbestos Thermoplastic/Vinyl Floor Tiles.

-4). Asbestos Pipe Lagging/Boiler.

-5). Asbestos Reinforced Plastic Toilet Seat.

-6). Asbestos Reinforced Plastic Toilet Cistern.

-7). AIB* Panel behind Fuse Box.

-8). Asbestos Cement Flue Pipe.

-9). Asbestos Cement Panels.

-10). AIB* Interior Window Panel.

-11). Asbestos Cement Downpipe/Soil Stack.

-12). Asbestos Artex/Textured Coating on ceiling (and walls).

-13). Asbestos Bitumen Cable Wrap.

-14). AIB* Panel.

-15). Asbestos Cement Under Cloak.

-16). Asbestos Loose Fill Insulation.

-17). Asbestos Storage Heater.

-18). AIB* Boxing.

-19). Asbestos Bitumen Damp Proof Course.

-20). Asbestos Bitumen Roofing Felt.

-21). Soffits – AIB* or Asbestos Cement.

-22). Asbestos Textile Fuse Guards.

-23). Asbestos Profiled Sheeting.

-24). Asbestos Sprayed Coating on Beams.

This list is not exhaustive and is for illustration purposes only.

AIB* = Asbestos Insulating Board.

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