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Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal Services

Discovering asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) on your premises can be a concern, but not all asbestos removal tasks require a licensed contractor. Our team specializes in non-licensed asbestos removal, providing a safe and compliant solution for managing lower-risk asbestos materials. Non-licensed asbestos work includes the removal of materials where the fibers are firmly bound in a matrix, posing less risk of fiber release if not disturbed aggressively. We are equipped to handle a range of non-licensed remedial or removal projects, ensuring that any asbestos present is dealt with safely and efficiently.

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Comprehensive Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal Solutions

Our services extend beyond mere removal; we offer a holistic approach to managing asbestos in your property:

  • Project Management for Licensed Asbestos Removal: For instances where licensed asbestos removal is necessary, we offer expert project management services to oversee the process, ensuring it meets all regulatory standards and safety protocols.

  • Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal: Specializing in the safe removal of non-licensed ACMs, our team employs strict safety measures and best practices to minimize the risk of asbestos exposure.

  • Asbestos Litter Picks: In areas where asbestos debris is scattered, we conduct thorough clean-ups to collect and safely dispose of any asbestos fragments or litter.

Identifying Non-Licensed Asbestos Materials

Our expertise covers a wide range of non-licensed asbestos materials commonly found in buildings, including but not limited to:

  • Asbestos garages, sheds, and out-buildings

  • Asbestos cement roofs and corrugated roof sheets

  • Asbestos cement soffits, gutters, and downpipes

  • Asbestos cement flue pipes

  • Asbestos cement wall and ceiling panels

  • Asbestos cement pipework

  • Asbestos floor tiles

  • Asbestos textured coatings (e.g., Artex)

  • Asbestos bitumen products

  • Asbestos gaskets

Why Choose Our Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal Services?

Opting for our non-licensed asbestos removal services ensures that your asbestos concerns are addressed promptly and



We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety, compliance with UK asbestos regulations, and our ability to manage projects efficiently. Our team is trained to identify and handle non-licensed ACMs appropriately, mitigating the risk to building occupants and the environment.


With our comprehensive approach, you can trust that your asbestos removal needs are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on your core activities with peace of mind.


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