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Buyers or sellers with a property that has Asbestos present

Asbestos disclosure when selling a house in the UK.

Since the repeal of the Property Mis-descriptions Act in 2013, all sellers are obliged to disclose the presence of asbestos during a sale. Of course, owners are not expected to detect the presence of asbestos in their home by themselves, sometimes this information may have been highlighted by a chartered surveyor before they moved in.

In a large majority of cases, a seller will be using a surveyor to determine the value of their home prior to placing it on the market, and their estate agent of choice will likely query the presence of asbestos based on the age and construction type of the property. Generally, any home built before the year 2000 (and after due to the use of stockpiled material) could contain asbestos materials, and a failure to detect the presence of asbestos in these instances could expose both the surveyor and estate agent to prosecution.

We offer cost effective solutions should an asbestos issue be raised on a home buyer's survey report. We can undertake a full survey report of any property, identify potential Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM's), provide valuable advice on the associated risks and costs of any asbestos issues involving the property you wish to buy or sell.

Call for a free consultation 0800 774 7264

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