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Pre Purchase Survey

Professional Independent Specialists In Pre Purchase Surveys 

An Independent asbestos consultancy based in Berkshire serving London and the Home Counties offering a range of asbestos and COVID-19 services

This type of survey is for exactly as the title indicates, for anyone purchasing a property. It became quite clear to us early on that this was a much needed type of survey for homebuyers. With more and more Chartered Surveyors highlighting potential asbestos containing materials within their reports it was key that we produced a report that covers these areas and looks for further materials.

This survey is a non-intrusive survey therefore no damage is caused to the property. The main reason for this is that the vendor of the property is unlikely to allow us to undertake a fully intrusive survey (Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Survey) at this point when you, the buyer do not own the property. Unfortunately due to this being a non intrusive survey there is the possibility of asbestos containing materials still being present within the fabric of the building.

What Is Asbestos?

When Am I At Risk?

Why Is Asbestos Dangerous?

Adbestos is a material used for many building materials prior to 2000. Its a group of minerals made of microscopic fibres. As such you dont just get asbestos as a material, but your get materials which contain asbetos known as ACM's (Asbestos Containing Materials) Previously used for reasons of fireproofing and insulating it is unfortunately found in many materials to this day. It is safe unless disturbed.

Working in an building build before 2000 can increase your risk due to the materials being used prior to the asbestos regulations in the UK. You can also find yourself at risk if your working on a site that hasnt had an asbestos survey to check and confirm if its safe to work. And of course if you put yourself at danger by continouing work on a site that has identified asbestos containing material that can cause hard if disturbed.

Asbestos fibers, once inhaled can cause a 4 different symtoms with many of these being fatal. You can develope mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and the least fatal of all diffuse pleural thickening. Once the asbestos fibres are inhaled these problems develope over time and give you a much higher change of getting very ill after some time.

types of asbestos surveys

There are only two surveys to be considered, a Management Survey and Refurbishment & Demolition Survey although you can have a mixture of the two. 

Survey Overview

types of asbestos surveys

This survey is for when you need specific material or area analysed. This isn't a full survey but will bring the material out safely to be analysed at an UKAS Accredited Laboratory. Get in touch with our team to find out more about asbestos sampling.

Asbestos Sampling

Management Survey

Residential Survey

types of asbestos surveys

A management survey is the standard type of survey. The purpose is to find any materials that might contain asbestos and determine whether they might be disturbed with construction or other reasons. This survey involves some sampling and testing.

types of asbestos surveys

This non intrusive survey is for owners/occupiers of properties that want peace of mind knowing if they might have asbestos containing material in the property. It will determine whether day to day life will expose you to asbestos fibres.

types of asbestos surveys

A pre purchase survey as the name suggest it for before you purchase a property. This was we can survey and with a non intrusive survey and see if there might be any asbestos containing material with out damaging the property.

Pre Purchase Survey

Types Of Survey

types of asbestos surveys

There are two types of surveys,  a management survey and a refurbishment and demolition survey. You can book either type of survey  with us to determine if you have any asbestos containing materials on the site.

types of asbestos surveys

This survey is needed before any refurbishment/demolition is carried out. This  is used to locate  all ACMs in the area where the refurbishment work will take place or in the whole building if demolition is planned.

Refurb & Demolition

types of asbestos surveys

UKAS Accreditation

The accreditation means you have been deemed technically competent as an organisation to complete inspections, testing and that you have the correct certifications. We recommend using an accredited surveyor.

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