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The Risks of COVID-19 To Your Home Or Business

The COVID-19 Coronavirus threatens business closures, public amenity isolation or closure as well as a serious threat to public health through areas of contamination.

The closure of buildings, businesses and public places can have a significant impact on the economy and prosperity the country.


The following information is provided by JOHI.

SARS-CoV-2, the viral strain that is the cause of the COVID-19 Coronavirus can survive on metal, glass and plastic for as long as 28 days.

A single cough can produce up to 3,000 droplets. These droplets can travel up to two meters, landing on surfaces and even remaining in the air.

Any business, place or premises that have had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 must close to their workers and the public to avoid the infection of others.

Areas Decontaminated

Touchpoints - Areas with a high rate of physical human interaction: computers, desks, handles, worktops etc.

Areas of difficulty - Behind and underneath furniture, inside cupboards and drawers, floors, ceilings, walls, and windows. 

Every area possible included in the scope within the building will be decontaminated with our cleaning methods.

Air inside each area of the building is fogged and decontaminated from any airborne virus droplets.

If your premises require a COVID-19 deep clean and decontamination, please contact Anthony Asbestos Consultancy for a free consultation.

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