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Have you had Asbestos Identified on a Home Buyers Report?

Updated: Feb 8

Anthony Asbestos Consultancy is a local Asbestos Solutions Consultancy based in Reading, Berkshire.

What does a Homebuyer Survey include? The Homebuyer Survey includes a visual inspection of all major indoor features including roofs, ceilings, walls, and floors, as well as permanent outdoor buildings and features including roofing, pipes, gutters, walls, windows, and doors. Sampling of ceilings, walls and floors are included where accessible.

We undertake many last minute Asbestos Management Surveys and

think it would be productive to raise some 'Asbestos Awareness' earlier in the house buying/selling process.

Note to home buyers/sellers

Any building built pre-2000, has the potential to contain Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM's).

Homeowners and Landlords are often advised to assume that

some form of asbestos is present in all buildings pre the year 2000.

Asbestos Containing Materials have been used after the above date

due to stock-piles of the material being utilised after the prohibition.

For prospective residential home buyers, both the 'RICS' surveys

(Level 3 : Building Survey and the Level 2: Home buyer Report)

will flag signs of asbestos (depending on the Surveyors experience).

'RICS' surveyors do not undertake asbestos sampling during their inspections.

An Asbestos Management Survey will identify the type, location, extent and condition of any 'Asbestos Containing Materials' (ACM's) identified during normal building occupancy and light maintenance work. This data will be captured to produce a concise survey report with room locations, sample pictures and annotated floor plans. Risk assessments and recommendations for any ACM's identified are included. Contact us for free for a free consultation now on 0800 774 7264

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