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Textured Coating Remover

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Asbestos Removal

Textured Coating Remover

If it has been confirmed asbestos containing materials  are on your premises then we can assist with the non-licensable remedial or removal.

We offer:​

  • Project Management for Licensed Asbestos Removal.

  • Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal.

  • Asbestos Litter Picks


Examples of non-licensed materials are:

  • Asbestos garages, sheds and out-buildings.

  • Asbestos cement roofs.

  • Asbestos cement corrugated roof sheets.

  • Asbestos cement soffits, gutters and down pipes.

  • Asbestos cement flue pipes.

  • Asbestos cement wall and ceiling panels.

  • Asbestos cement pipework.

  • Asbestos floor tiles.

  • Asbestos textured coatings (Artex).

  • Asbestos bitumen products.

  • Asbestos gaskets.

  • Artex Removal

  • Textured Coating Remover


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